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    Custom 404 cfm pages, and ColdFusion flash forms not working together



      I've recently ran into an issue that I was hoping I could have a little help with. My company has been using custom 404 pages for awhile that we set up in iis however we had never set up this custom 404 page to display on .cfm pages, only missing folders. Ie; www.website.com/asdasdasdsd/ would display a custom 404 error But www.website.com/asdasdasdsd.cfm would not. I recently set this up by going in the iis properties for our site, went to the home directory tab click on configuration and selected edit from the mappings tab. From here I checked the verify that file exists open. This enabled the file.cfm custom error to appear however for some reason it disabled all of my ColdFusion flash forms. None of them appear now. If I undo the iis setting that I changed earlier they all re-appear. I got these settings from http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/000/95ee04fb.html and they do the job, they just disable my flash forms. Is there any way to do this without them disabling my flash forms from working?



      Paul Alkema