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    Making Map ID Header Files (dot NET environment)

    Bob Urwin

      I'm working on a web-based help solution (which will also be output as hard copy) and I'd like to use the Map ID functionality for my HTML output.


      I've picked up this project from a previous author, who had liaised with the developers, and then provided them with hard-coded URL topic names to link back to a specific dialog box's Help button.


      For a number of reasons, it's proven necessary to rename some of those topics, and in addition, there are now some additional forms and dialogues that have been developed, which don't have any links to a corresponding URL.


      Map IDs therefore seem a more flexible way of going about this - providing we can produce the header file . . .


      I've worked with Map IDs previously, but not in this particular development environment. My key contact in the development team has never worked with the concept of generating Map IDs, so he's unsure where to start.


      This may not even be a topic for this forum, but does anyone know - in simple terms - what's required to generate that header file from within a dot NET C / C++ environment?


      Alternatively, if I create a header file, how does my developer incorporate it into his code?


      BTW - we only linking at main dialogue window level - not field level - so there will probably not be much more than about 30/40 IDs.


      Thanks in anticipation of your response(s)


      Bob (UK GMT office hours)