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    RoboHelp dropping mapped CSH IDs

      RoboHelp is dropping about 20 topics out of 1024 from from the whcshdata.htm file that are mapped from my project CSH .hh file. Changing the numbers did not help. Redoing the file names did not help.

      Anyone heard of this happening and whyt? Do I have to start over and import into a new project and remap all of the files to get a new database? This is scary because it took us several days to discover this was the problem and there is no rhyme or reason for it dropping the mappings.
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          I'm not sure what you mean by "dropping topics." Is the .hh file getting truncated so there is no link or are the topics themselves disappearing? Or is the whcshdata.htm being shortened? What is that file used for?

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            I am back from vacation. No, the WebHelp build files are dropping CSH topic files mapped properly from the HH file.

            WebHelp uses two files for CSH (schdat_webhelp.htm and whcshdata.htm). On my bulid yesterday there should have been 125 mapped topics. There were 104 in those two files. It choked on a whole series of topics that had the same 28 character initial text in their ID. Abbreviating the IDs (28 down to 3 characters) passed those items. Is there some sort of limit on the number of characters in a mapped ID? Other failed IDs where much shorter, yet they were dropped. Sometimes just changing the mapping number passes the ID. Sometimes it doesn't. It is terribly frustrating.

            In other occurances where the same topic is mapped to multiple IDs it would drop the additional mappings or in some cases change the case for the file name to lower case for the additional mappings, making them not work (Unix server) while leaving the initial entry upper case.

            This makes every build an exercise in frustration and back checking, with manual editing of the two WebHelp files to get the CSH to work. I hope that explains it better.
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              I have logged this as a bug with Adobe, but just wondered if I was the only one seeing this type of thing...
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                So no one else has seen this problem? I am the only one?