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    Disappearing text


      I'm trying to convert my FrameMaker manual into Help and experiencing all manner of problems, the latest of which is some disappearing text.


      The manual contains this:


      To view by type or layer:

      • Right-click on the Objects tab of the Object Directory and select either View by Type or View by Layer.

      The listing in the Object Directory changes accordingly.


      but the generated HTML and the displayed Help omit that bullet pointed line altogether, as if it were 'commented out' or something. I can't work out why, as most if not all of all the other similarly formatted text is fine.


      Here is the generated HTML for this section:


      <p class=FM_ProcedureStem>To view by type or layer: </p>
      <p class=Explanation>The listing in the Object Directory changes accordingly.</p>


      I don't know where that intervening line could be. Any ideas?


      Thanks, S