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    Export from PP CS4 to MPEG2 DVD for Encore returns PGC internal software error ?


      Converting HD video to DVD with timecode for customer to create EDL.

      Editing .m2t HD files, captured on a Focus Enhancements FS4 Hard Drive attached via firewire to camera at time of recording

      Audio not synched, so unlinked and corrected in time, and relinked.


      To make Encore process and burn faster:

      Timelines exported from PP CS4 via Export > Media > Format MPEG2-DVD.

      Multiplexed for DVD, MPEG audio format, Widescreen pixel apect ratio.

      Sends to Adobe Media Encoder. Takes a few hours.


      Open Encore:

      Import MPEG2 files - import takes a few minutes.

      Link video files to existing menu for continuity (older video files and timelines are deleted).


      Weird: timelines have excessively long audio tracks, approx 10 times the length of the video track (should be equal).


      Check project returns no errors.


      Build project fails, returning:

      PGC "[filename]" has an error at 00;00;01;05 internal software error:%0, line [filename] - PGCInfo:name=[filename],ref=AApgc,time=00:00:01:05.


      My workaround is to export DV NTSC .avi video files from PP, not ideal as it creates excessively large files.

      Those .avi files seem to import and burn from Encore correctly.


      Alos strange: my original project became defective/corrupted, hung up on "loading files" when trying to open. So I opened the last autosave file (which happened to be from a week ago - not sure why so long between autosaves). Rather than re-edit the changes since then,  I reimported the MPEG2 files back into Premeire in order to export/process the .avi files.