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    3D Text

    Lost In My Mind Level 1

      Was hoping someone could direct me to the best way to create 3D text. I created it in Illustrator, but AE doesn't seem to recognize the text as editable when I import it. Being companion programs, there must be something I'm missing. Thank you.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If you mean extruded 3D text, in which each character has depth, then there are a few ways.


          Aharon Rabinowitz provides a video tutorial on the Creative COW website that shows a few ways to make 3D extruded text in After Effects, using duplicate layers or the Shatter effect.


          Maltaannon has a video tutorial on this, too. His tutorial takes a rather long time to get to the point---which is that you can use a shape layer with a Repeater to get a more elegant version of the duplicate-layer solution.


          There are other ways, all of which involve one clever workaround or another---or additional plug-ins. You can explore these options using this After Effects Community Help search.

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            You can also use 3rd party plugins like Invigorator Pro from Zaxwerks.

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              Lost In My Mind Level 1

              Thank you Todd for the links and answers, and yes I did research before posting. I was just hoping there was a more simple or direct method, perhaps Illustrator as I tried. Thank you also Sebastien for your help. I checked it out, but seemed a little pricey. I had better start saving my pennies .

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                Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                Unfortunately, Illustrator (which borrows for its' 3D effects from a legacy application called "Adobe Dimensions") doesn't generate an actual 3D mesh that could be used as an exchange framework.

                I agree that creating 3D text and other simple 3D shapes should be easier. The techniques described above can be used as a workaround, for now.

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                  Lost In My Mind Level 1

                  Thanks Adolfo for the reply and info. Glad to have it confirmed, so I don't feel like I was missing something . My guess is AE will address it at a later date in a newer version for more sales . Thanks again.