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    Show link appears instead of TOC and skin

    tojo45 Level 1

      Using RH8 with RSC3.1 on XP.


      I am just about ready to release a new WebHelp project.   When the opening page is called in the application it opens in the window with a SHOW link and no skin related features, or TOC,  Just the default topic is displayed.  Clicking the SHOW link opens the TOC and the skin comes into play.


      I tried clearing the SHOW NAVIGATION PANE LINK IN TOPIC option but it still comes up that way. The developer advises he is doing nothing so far as context-sensitivity etc.


      I have other WebHelp projects that do not have this problem.  I've compared the settings and see nothing obvious.  I found a mention in the Help but no way to enabled/disable.


      How can I get it to open with the TOC displayed and the skin in place?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.