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    Help with installing CS3 on new Mac


      Recently purchased new Macs for the department. Cannot install CS3! It asks for the CS2 license number which we have. Turns out it doesn't recognize it. Called customer support and everyone had the same answer, but no solution. I purchased the CS2 corporate license when we had about 6 Macs. Now, we're down to 3 so I purchased the CS3 as individual suites. They said there is no workaround with getting CS3 to recognize the CS2 license! We called 4 different times and talked to 4 different reps who gave us all the same broken-record response. Any help with be greatly appreciated!

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          KarenSC Level 1

          From what I understand, if the CS3 were individual upgrades, you can't upgrade them from anything other than another single previous version. A single item can be upgraded to another single item; a corporate license to another corporate license; a suite to another suite and so on.

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            KarenCRS Level 1

            I believe that is essential what the customer service folks were telling my designer. However, both was installed before on the old Macs (CS2 corporate licensed and CS3 individual license) - that's the odd thing, is that it worked before on an older system. All we did was buy new hardware.


            I hope this isn't Adobe's way of making us upgrade to CS4 - lol!