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    Why is audio conforming so slow with DVCPro HD files in Premiere Pro CS4?


      I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 with a AJA Xena LHI card to record HD cameras from their HD-SDI outputs for instant replay purposes. I am recording as quicktime files in DVCPro HD. The automatic audio conforming takes about 4-5 seconds per minute of video. If we shoot a 10 minute file, the director does not want to wait 50 seconds for me to play back the last portion of that file. I have seen many complaints online regarding audio conforming, and I understand why Adobe is doing it, but this is ridiculous. There should be an option to turn off audio conforming. Come on Adobe, how about just conforming the files that are being used in the timeline? Anyway, I am using a Pentium Quad Core 3 Ghz with 8 gigs of RAM. Anyone have a suggestion on how to speed up the audio conforming?

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