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      Ok so I know I don't have the strongest computer in the world.  I'm using CS4, processor is 2ghz, with 4gb or ram on vista 32.  I understand that premiere may run slow due to this.


      However, when i attempt to edit clips in premiere, I also have my task manager open to see what kind of memory and computer usage is being taken up.  The cpu runs at about 5-10% so that seems fine.  However when looking at the importerprocessserver.exe I see that as I go through the timeline, the memory size increases dramatically (over 1gb of memory is used by importerprocessserver.exe).  It usually crashes/freezes right around 1.1 gb.  Each clip I play, the program takes more memory.  If i stop, and walk away for 10 minutes, the memory used is still the same.  When the importerprocessserver.exe is at 1.1 gb, about 70% of my memory is being used.


      My questions are:


      1) Is it typical for the importerprocessserver.exe to continously take more memory, and not go back down even when i stop editng/playing/scrubbing? (up to over 1 gb?)

      2) Why would the program crash if I still have available memory?  (appox. 1.2 gb of memory still free)

      3) Is there a cheap solution to the problem?


      I'm not a computer expert (obviously) nor a premiere expert (just as obvious) but I would like to see if possibly I can "get by" without everyone saying go get a new computer.  CS4 was a gift so I didnt have to pay for that, so I would like to try and use it without the expense of buying a new comp.


      I'm hoping there is something that I can do.  And I have read the other threads but none of them seem to address these specific issues.