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    Which is more used?  AMFPHP   or    ZendAMF

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      I'm just starting to look into AMFPHP and just found that ZendPHP is available for Flash users as well.

      I was curious if anyone has a reason to choose one over the other.


      It appears the AMFPHP stuff is old, and the site seems unkept.

      ZendAMF just released 1.9.2 this past Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009.


      So, what company is mostly used/supported?


      Any thoughts?



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          Hey Sky,


          I am personally using AMFPHP. It is a little outdated but for small to medium sized project I found out that it works very well. Also AMF is a little smaller and is faster in some cases.


          Now Zend is much more robust and also updated and current. I have it installed as well and I think I might migrate my stuff eventually.


          So I would go with Zend if you have to start from scratch. I you are already using AMF then I don't think it's worth the effort on migrating unless you're working on some large scale project.


          But then that's just my personal opinion.