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    Learning Flex


      Hi Gurus,


      Before going ahead and learning Flex which I need for one of my integration project ,I would like to know how easy/difficult to learn flex without having Java knowledge.i have some knowledge in HTML/XML.


      Any advice in this regard is appriciated.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Flex is very easy to learn. With the help of Flash/Flex Builder (which is based on Eclipse IDE) anyone can become productive within very short time.

          an Average Web Developer could grasp the basics of Flex to develop simple applications within 2 weeks


          Following are problems I found with non-Java develoers:

          - lack of Eclipse IDE know-how.

          - difficulty in understanding the ActionScript language.


          ActionScript is an object oriented used to put UI logic within Flex if some one is familiar with JavaScript, he can very easily migrate to ActionScript development.


          There are plenty of tutorials and flex examples available over the internet. If someone is used to leveraging community content for technical learning then no need for professional training. This is another advantage of Adobe Flex as presently corporates are low on training bugets.