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    Major Issues AE, Far to Slow

    helpvid Level 2

      I have been working with After Effects all day long, So frurstratiog it's always pausing and taking a while everytime i add an effect.  I know it is a powerfull piece of software and certain stuff can take a few seconds, but what i an expeiencing is just rediculas.


      I am Operating on Windows Vista Prem

      3.00 GB Ram


      AMD Turion Dual Core RM 70 2.00GHz


      I have never had any problems running anything before, all other apps are closed and Comp is on high performance.  I have lowered other app usage to 0.5gb to free up more for ae but still the same.  Is there anything else i can do in AE app to make it run better, Oh also i went into task manager and put AE on Above normal priority aswell.


      Please Advise/