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    Component/Sub-component Naming

    Kirk_Holbrook Level 1



      Catalyst is cool, but we NEED to be able to provide IDs for sub-components.


      Marc Hughes has posted some great tips for workflow:



      I just commented on one of his posts, which involves using inheritance or encapsulation to keep the Catalyst generated components clean when they're used in Builder:


      The solutions in this post rely on names that are created on-the-fly when the sub-components are added to the Display List. Those names fall apart as the overall application design changes. I've created a workaround for this for my needs that involves looping through the children and mapping them to object definitions in my classes that extend the Catalyst components, but it's pretty messy, and very hack-y.


      Without the ability for the Designer to provide IDs within Catalyst, the components are not very re-usable by the Developer. Let me clarify that they are usable, but the Developer really needs to edit them when you consider this limitation. That, in turn, makes revisions by the Designer a lot more problematic.


      Is this on the radar? Can we hope for this in the next Beta?


      Any ETA on the next Beta?