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    Is down loading projects to DVD's a safe way to edit and save?

    zjimbo Level 1

      Yesterday I posted "Is down loading projects to DVD's a safe way to edit and save?". It got deleted. Being a newbe I got it in the wrong forum. I got it in "Post New Thread in Forum Comments". I was asked what path I used; I opened the home page. I ticked Discussions / Start New Discussion. I was so baited by the lure to post, I did not see the small "Adobe Forums" at the top and bottom of the page. I also did not understand the large "Post New Tread in Forum Comments". It was a bit confusing to me. But thanks to you guys I see the light.


      I read the discussion I started in "Why do we keep moving Post?". I was branded as a lost soul. I want to thank all of you for helping find my way. No one was rude or even harsh. I have been on other Forums and if you make a mistake you get blasted.


      I also want to thank you for all the answers I got for my original post. I read up on SATA and I can see that is where I need to make some changes to my portioned HD. I am sure I will be leaning on you for a lot of help for such a "Lost soul". And that I am. I am your typical 61 year old who got started late on computers.


      The fact that my HD is portioned is not a good thing I learned. I am not sure if my computer has the Power Supply or the Mother Board to convert to SATA. My question is: Will eSATA work in place of the internal SATA?


      Will I need two; one for editing and one for storage.


      I have an outboard I Omega with about 650GB, I think. Not sure if it is SATA, but it has worked well for my backup videos and general files.


      Thanks Again and I hope I got it right this time.


      I'm timid about ticking the "Post Message" , but here goes......Ohhhhhhhhh.....