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    Damm Buttons

      Please please someone help.I am building a web page using elements of Flash. I have a flash movie and I am just trying to place some invisable buttons on the top of the movie that will link to a new URL.

      Looked at loads of tutorials on this and its driving me nuts. Am using Flash CS3

      Thanks in advance

      If anyone wants to look at the Flash files for me am quite happy to give you access to them

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          TALAL MANAA Level 1
          give your buttons an instance name from the properties panel like "my_btn".
          now simply type the following AS in the root:
          // make it invisible now
          my_btn._visible = false;
          // add action to your button
          my_btn.onPress = function():Void {
          getURL(" http://yourURL.com");
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            Rothrock Level 5
            Well a button with its _visible property set to false won't ever receive a mouse click -- and subsequently won't ever send you to a new URL.

            The kind of "invisible" buttons you want are ones that have their alpha property set to zero. You can't see them, but they still function as buttons.

            So you can either use the color mixer to make an alpha=0 color and draw/paint your button with that. Or you can make a movieclip or graphic instance and set its alpha to zero. Or any number of other things, but those two should get you going.
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              TALAL MANAA Level 1
              yes Rothrock you're right, i wonder how I missed this.
              right, using _alpha set to zero will do the job.
              thanks again rothrock for this note.