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    Hiding Selected Slides in the Outline Pane


      I have some slides that I'd rather not have show up in the pane. For example I have 5 slides with the same title, I don't want to have 5 of the same name showing up in the outline pane, I only want the first slide. I know you can hide slides in PowerPoint which hides their names in the pane but then the Fast Forward button doesn't move you to the next slide but to the next unhidden slide, or in my case the next quiz. This is a problem as the quizzes are locked down and the FF button has moved the viewer directly to the quiz without having seen the content being quizzed. To make matters worse, the viewer can't navigate away from the quiz without answering the question(s).


      Does anyone know how to hide slides in the Outline pane without hiding them in PowerPoint? Thanks in advance.