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    TabNavigator CSS difficulty

    KJoyMcK Level 1

      Hi, I've got CSS defined for the primary tabbed navigation in my application. One of the sections needs to be governed by tabbed navigation but  NOT follow the style of the primary navigational tabs.


      I made sure the second tab set are not children of the first and defined a separate style. The fills for both sets aren't displaying as coded.


      My CSS:


      .MainTabNavigator {
              cornerRadius: 8;
              fillAlphas: 1, 1;
              highlightAlphas: .75, .03;
              fillColors: #002b8a, #002b8a;
              backgroundAlpha: 1;
              borderColor: #000066;
              textRollOverColor: #ffffff;
          .SecondaryTabNavigator {
              cornerRadius: default;
              FillAlphas: 1,1;
              highlightAlphas: .75, .03;
              fillColors: #ffffff, #ffffff;
              backgroundAlpha: 1;
              borderColor: #8db542;


      The code for the main tabs:

      <mx:TabNavigator styleName="MainTabNavigator" x="199.55" y="71.8" width="820.75757" height="686.9697" fontFamily="Arial" fontSize="12" color="#ffffff" fontWeight="bold" tabHeight="35" tabWidth="115" horizontalGap="5" cornerRadius="6" textIndent="0" tabOffset="10" id="tabs" backgroundAlpha="1" borderThickness="0" borderStyle="solid" dropShadowEnabled="true" dropShadowColor="#878585" backgroundColor="#3e4253">


      The code for the secondary tabs:

      mx:TabNavigator styleName="SecondaryTabNavigator" x="0" y="40" width="810" height="126.55" fontFamily="Arial" color="#000000" borderColor="#8DB542" id="moretabs">



      Though the fill is specified as #002b8a in the CSS, tabs that are not selected are a beigey white color, rather than #002b8a.


      Is it some tiny syntax issue I'm missing? Flex is pretty new to me.