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    Removing heading autonumbers when importing from word


      I am trying to remove the heading autonumbers (i.e. 1.0 My Info, 1.1 More Info, Some Other Heading) when importing from word(RoboHelp8 I just bought), but I can't figure out how. I saw an old post "Remove autonumbering when Importing Word Documents" but I did not understand.


      I would like to remove the autonumbering when importing from word, and possibly make books automatically out of the top level "Heading 1", but I am having a lot of trouble. I'm currently looking around in the "edit conversion settings for word documents." The "Other Settings" has a "topic pattern name" which I don't understand and a "convert word list to" which I don't understand either. I am playing around with these and setting the "Paragraph Settings" where I set the Heading 1 to Heading 1 with Pagination and setting all of the other Headings as appropriate also.


      Any help is greatly appriciated,