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    page/frame breaks


      I am new to flex, and I am facing this issue which might be trivial for others. Kindly, guide me.


      I am rendering a swf file (selected by user) in my apllication (code below). Swf files are documents. When these docment has only one page, it only shows that page. But when the document has more than one page, it keeps showing/playing one page after another (in a loop).  Is there a way for me to control the page that is rendered on my application?


                  public var refUploadFile:FileReference = new FileReference();
                  public var swfFileName:String = new String ();
                  private function addFile() : void

                     refUploadFile.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, selectedFileShow);

                 private function selectedFileShow(event:Event):void

                     fileName = refUploadFile.name;
                     swfFileName = "D:/"+ refUploadFile.name;  //considering the file resides in D:
          <mx:Button id="browse" x="69" y="21" label="Browse" click="addFile()" />

         <mx:Image id ="img" source="{swfFileName}" y="40" >