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    FW CS4 need help with gradients & png files


      Relatively new to FW CS4.  I have a png file for use in a PV7 css based site.  Read the docs and still can't figure this out.  The png file is a base image with 3 color sections.  I need to change these three original individual sections to a new color scheme...I can use a regular fill...but I would like to keep the slight fading effect of the original pngs.  In addition...the png's are obviously in png format..but if I export as jpg will I loose the gradient fill/opacity effect in a jpg file ?


      Original png...want to change to light blue tones: Note the fading to the right side of the outside columns.





      If not...how do I change the color scheme in each section of the original png ?  Or do I export as is and modify the resulting jpg's ?


      If I use a gradient fill or paint bucket...the effect just overlays the original gold type color...giving me a new color all together with the original background still partially showing through underneath the new color change ?


      If I delete the gold tones in the png image...then I can't fill the empty space with any other color...nothing works.  I've also tried color find/replace

      but with no results or changes.


      Second problem is when I do apply gradient fills to this png...or jpg...the fill seems to me to be from top to bottom of the section ?  I need the fill to move from left to right as above ?  Any ideas here also ??


      I posted on the PV7 FW group but it's not that active and was more confused by the answers ?


      Thanks much...I'm stuck for now.



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          pixlor Level 4

          If you're working with simple vector objects that have a gradient fill, you can edit the gradients. Here's the relevant help file:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Fireworks/10.0_Using/WSE84E1B1D-2073-4a8f-918C-5AC8CC20BDA1.ht ml


          If you click in one of the color paint chips below the gradient ramp, you'll get the standard color-picking tools. Just select the color you want or enter its hex value in the text box.


          When you select an object with a gradient fill, you should see a line with a circle at one end and a square at the other. I never remeber which is which. One changes the starting point of the gradient, the other changes the ending point with respect to the starting point (direction and length).  Adjust the positions of these points to produce a gradient in the direction you like.


          If you export to a .jpg, yes, you will no longer have a transparent image. However, if you need to support IE6, you can't use full-color .pngs without adding special code for them to work. You can use the indexed PNG8 (256 colors), in which case any partially transparent colors are rendered fully transparent.


          If your design only needs to produce the appearance of transparency, then you are probably better off using .jpgs.

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            After following Lorains' gradient link, when you have the first box tweaked to your liking and you need it replicated to the remaining two boxes (without having to go through the process again)


            1. Select the box that has the new Gradient, then Edit > Copy (or Ctrl/Command + C)

                Then select the remaining two boxes that need the new gradient style, then Edit > Paste Attributes


               This process with carry over (copy/paste attributes) the first box to the others.




            2. Select the box that has the new Gradient changes, then in the Property Inspector (PI), to the far right, tick the small icon under to create a New (Object) Style. Once created, open the Window > Styles Panel. Select the two remaining boxes on the canvas then click the New Style icon in the Styles Panel to apply.


            1. is memory resident/temporary and will be lost when you later utilize the Copy command. But 2 has more 'staying' power and you can reuse it, go back to it, save it to disk, and tweak it further to create new ones at any time.



            If you absolutely have to keep the final result as a .jpg, then turn off the Canvas color. Open the Window > Optimize Panel, set the output to jpg, BUT set the MATTE color to the color that matches the background of your page.


            Otherwise, output to .png8/png32 with Transparency .




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              trinaz Level 1

              Thanks guys...I think I got it ?  I was just going to post about how to 'save' a custom gradient...since when I get this all down...I need to modify about 2 dozen or so background files.  Really appreciate the replies !


              I had previously found Lorain's link before my original post...and read and re-read it a couple of times...but find both DW and FW help files pretty cryptic for non-graphics type people like me.  I did find an outside link in my Adobe forums search that illustrated the click/drag technique to direct the gradient fills on another site...and finally put everything together


              I guess DW, FW , PS etc are just basically trial and error to really understand their 'inner' features.  Must be amazing what an experience graphics person can do with the CS4 modules !!


              Thanks again...Tim

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                trinaz Level 1

                Opps...spoke to soon...I am in FW CS4 now...just added a test gradient to the right side area box...but I can't find or come up with a Create New (Object) Style icon on the far right of PI ?


                Tried to highlight...select...lasso or box the right section...but nothing brings up the "new style" icon ?


                What am I missing here ?




                Thanks Tim

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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Simply select the Object (with the Pointer Tool) that has the Gradient, and the PI should show a Style Drop Down List, and some commands below that.



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                    trinaz Level 1

                    Thanks...but as I said...nothing happens when I click using the Pointer..Select Behind Pointer...or Sub Selection Pointer..marquee tool...wand tool or anything else I try ?  Per my picture attached in the last message...there is no icon to click in the Properties panel after using any of the above.  If I click the icon in the main styles panel...I get the new style panel...but nothing's imported ?


                    The picture included before does show a "styles" drop down next to the color swatch area...but the only choices there are Normal - Fixed Ratio - and Fixed Size ?


                    The results are the same....if I click on one of the panels...or double click on the whole png is included in a blue box or not ?


                    I have notice tho as in the previous photo that anything I use to click on the selection/object...the Properties panel indicates the Marquee tool ?


                    This is CS4 FW's...is there something different here than previous versions ?


                    Thanks, Tim


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                      heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                      Not sure what is going on, on your end!


                      According to your screenshot, there is no indication on any of the canvas objects that it is selected. When you select with the Pointer Tool you should see a selection 'bounds' appear (a four corner blue outline).


                      If this is not what your seeing I'd suggest, saving your file, and close down Fw, and proceed to the following to clear/reset Fw Preferences.





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                        trinaz Level 1

                        Yep..something amiss here in my png file...I created a new png with a couple objects and the icons/panels for fill creation/modification opened right up.  Don't know what the issue is with my original png ?


                        One last question...as you said..I can create and save the gradient fill style as described...but it appears it's only saved in the open/present file ?  Is there a way to save it so I can use it on other similar png's beside the one it was created in....or...is there a way to add to the stock styles in the style/stl folder ?


                        Thanks for all your efforts !



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                          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                          Somethings programs hiccup


                          Yes, once you have the Style added/created (as you can see it in the Styles > Current Document view, click the Styles Panel property icon to the upper right of the Panel and from the list choose 'Save Style Library'.


                          Here's a short video demo on using Fw Styles, to help you along.



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                            trinaz Level 1

                            Ok...I promise this will be my last post on this  I hope others are benefiting ?  The below screen shot now shows my style created...the style properties in PI...and the style panel on the right with the created style.  I have saved and reopen the png. I ahve searched the FW help and Googled FW CS4 styles and found info on saving in CS3 but nothing in CS4 about saving a document style to the main style folder for universal use ?  I can not find a styles property icon either in the right panel or PI styles info.





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                              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                              All Panels are accessible from the Window menu command, so Window > Styles to bring it to the foreground.