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    LineChart not drawing data




      I am using the LineChart object to present several LineSeries data.

      The information is loaded and presented using an animation.


      The thing is - the swf works perfectly on certain computers, but not working on others. the update of the axis works, but the presentation of the LineSeries is not shown.

      I've installed several versions of the flash player, and i checked all the environmental issues i could think of...


      Does anybody got a lead on this?

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          msakrejda Level 4

          You could be hitting some sort of race condition due to timings. If something is throwing an Error and you do not catch it, that could certainly manifest itself as data not showing up for a particular series. And unless you are running a debug build of FlashPlayer, you will not see any errors when this happens.


          Are you able to reproduce consistently on some machines? If so, are you able to install the debug player on those to see if an Error is thrown?


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            shekel2000 Level 1

            Hi Maciek and thanks for the response.


            This problem occurs continuasly on specific machines on serveral browsers (Firefox & IE) and with different versions of flash player.

            I have installed debug player on the machine with the problem and there is no exception shown, unfortunately i cannot install the flex builder for debugging...


            The data is certainly loaded on both machines, and on both machines the y-axis is updated according to the values to be presenter... the only problem is with the drawing of the lines representing the different LineSeries's...

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              shekel2000 Level 1

              a terribly annoying timezone issue...