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    How do I pause a full screen slideshow in Reader?

    lalittle Level 1

      Is there any way to pause a full-screen slideshow in the latest version of Adobe Reader?  All of the information I can find about this says to use the Spacebar (or Ctrl-Spacebar) to do this, but this just makes it advance for me.  I see this on more than one system, and I've read a few other posts from people saying they have this problem.  Somebody on the Lightroom forums just confirmed today that it didn't work for them either, so it's not unique to my system.


      My slideshows were created in Lr.  The Lr documentation says that the duration and fade rates set in Lr will be ignored in the pdf slideshow, but just as a test I tried both enabling and disabling this feature when outputting the pdf slideshow.  It made no difference.


      Is this a bug in Reader, or is there perhaps a command I'm unaware of to pause pdf slideshows?


      Thanks for any help with this,