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    Updating Report

      Hi All,

      How can we Update the Reports DataGrid with other by Clicking in the Column
      According to my Scenario I have a Report DataGrid with 2 Columns, with name and Number, So now I need to update the Reports when the user clicks on the Numbers( Giving more Details of that Particular Report). so now we need to show a Different DataGrid(with 6 or more columns) in place of Existing Report DataGrid

      Please Help me

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          Hi prasanth,
          Create two states one base state and other report state. In the second state place the grid with 6 columns. In the click event of the first grid call the required function. and specify currentState='report'. When anyone clicks on the grid with 2 colums the function gets called and the second state with 6 column grid appears.

          Hope this will help you. Even i am new to flex.
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            prashanthsamanth Level 1
            Do we need to create a AS for Shifting one state to other(particularly if we want to Shift from DataGird) Data??? and also I have to Show Different Reports according to the Selection of the individual rows....