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    Playing a different transition between states depending on what state you're currently viewing

    Luke Pearce Level 1

      Not quite sure if I'm going to be able to explain this but i'll give it a go.


      I have 4 buttons that when clicked display content in an area. I want to set state transitions so that when i switch between the 4 states the content of the current state moves off the page to the left and the content of the clicked state moves in from the right. I've managed to get it working but only from (for example) state 1 > 2. When I click to go back from 2 > 1 the content moves in the wrong direction - its just moving back!


      I need to set a different state transition so when on state2 the content for state1 moves in from the right, not back in from the left!


      Hopefully someone understands all that! Thanks,



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Luke,


          You can create separate transitions for State1 > State2 and State2 > State1. However, if you're using the trick of position of the objects offscreen so they'll animate the right way onscreen, you might have a hard time.


          Try this instead. Let's say you're going from State1 > State2, and you want Object1 to move off to the left while Object2 comes on from the right.




          •   Hide Object2 in State1. It doesn't matter where you place it before you hide it.


          •   The State1 > State2 transition should now have a "Fade In" for Object2.


          •   Select the track with the fade, then click "Add Action > Move". This will create a move effect for Object2, but by default it will animate from its arbitrary start position to the State2 position. We need to change the start position.


          •   Create another Move effect. In the properties panel, you can see properties for the move effect. Change the dropdown to "Specific Location".


          •   Set the coordinates to the start location (way off to the right of the screen) of the animation.


          •   This new move effect will put Object2 in its start position, then the original move effect will animate it to it's final location. Drag the new (specific location) move effect to happen before the original (state position) move effect.


          •   Preview the transition. You should see Object2 slide in from the right.


          •   Repeat for Object1, and repeat the process for the other transition.