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      I am not a form designer but I am trying to get a fillable form to use in a medical lab.  What I am trying to figure out is if it is possible to do the following:


      1.) populate fields based on what choice is made from a drop down menu


      For example: I need to choose an anesthetic and I am given the choice in a drop down menu of isoflurane, propofol, thiopental.  Once I choose one, such as isoflurane, I want to be able to populate fields for how it is administered and the dosage used.  So for example, I choose isoflurane and the route field is filled in with inhalation and the dose field would be filled in with 4%.  Then if I chose a different one, i.e. thiopental, the values would change in the route field to intravenous and the dose would change to 40.  Is this possible.


      2.) utilize different subforms based upon choice from a drop down menu.  For example, I have a drop down list of surgical procedures and for each surgical procedure I want a different subform to populate the form.  This feature is needed because different surgical procedures have different monitoring and documentation needs but I want to keep the basic patient info the same.  Thus you could enter the patient name, identifier, DOB, SSN, etc and then enter the surgical procedure and then based on that choice have unique data input cells based on the procedure.


      Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  thanks.