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    Please help me with the paint tool!


      Sorry for all the simple questions, but I'm having so many problems with Flash's drawing tools it isn't funny.


      What I want to do is draw a series of slightly diagonal stripes. In any other program, I'd use the line tool to draw the partitions and then use the fill tool to fill in the gaps. But in Flash, the paint tool won't do anything. It doesn't matter where I click - it won't work, and a little 'lock' symbol appears on my cursor.


      I know that an alternative way of drawing the stripes is to make a square, resize it and tilt it to exactly the right angle, but this is a slow and painstaking method, and I have to do a lot of them. Also, not all the stripes are perfectly straight.


      It's so frustrating, because I could do this in ten seconds with normal drawing tools, and I've spent about four hours already just trying to figure out this stupid little thing (because this stupid little thing is crucial to my project!). I'd be immensely grateful for any help. Likewise, I'd be very grateful for any help figuring out the brush tool problem on my other post. No matter how much I try and practice, I just can't figure out these drawing tools.