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    Text shifts after importing FXG file created in Fireworks - solution?


      I'm a 2nd year undergraduate students working on a project to build a multimedia health records system with the Biomedical & Multimedia Information Technology research group at the University of Sydney. I encountered a problem in the process of importing an FXG file created in Fireworks and would appreciate some help from this forum.


      I created a mock-up in Fireworks CS4 (version, exported it as an FXG file and then imported it into Flash Catalyst. Note that I have updated Export to FXG.jsp following instructions from here. Many of the text boxes have shifted - notably the tab labels, login info, details area - and underlines below the text have also shifted, as shown in the following screenshots. I have tried grouping the text with its associated objects, but the result remained the same.


      I have attached the Fireworks PNG file, if it helps. (I'm very very new to RIA development using Adobe products so I apologise for the PNG file being messy.)


      Thank you!



      Original mock-up in Fireworks:



      After importing into Flash Catalyst: