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    DNG 5.4 benefits over 4.6?


      I've got Canon EOS 500D and Creative Suite 3 & Lightroom 2.4

      Problem is that support for 500D .cr2 -files comes in Camera Raw 5.4 and CS3 supports only 4.6.

      Now I'm converting all my images from CR2 to DNG (v. 4.6) when importing to Lightroom, to maximize compatibility with Photoshop CS3.


      Is there any downside in converting to DNG version 4.6 instead of 5.4?


      I can't find any difference in between DNG versions, except what cameras are supported. Now I can convert my 500D files to DNG version 4.6 and they will open in Photoshop CS3.

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          Panoholic Level 2

          In short: there is no problem here.


          Somewhat longer:


          You do not convert the CR2 file to DNG version 4.6 or 5.4; these numbers relate to the program version of the DNG converter.


          You need the newer version of the converter, because the former versions do not "know" the 500D. When converting the 500D CR2 with the new DNG converter, you can choose the DNG format version 1.1 or 1.3 on the "Change preferences" subdialog; however, no matter what you select, the output will be compatible with 1.1, which is supported by ACR in CS2 (perhaps in CS1 as well?). This is so, because the 500D does not offer any functions, which are not covered by the older DNG format but are covered by the newer version.



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            Tomi_Toivonen Level 1

            Thanks Panoholic


            I'm not using Adobe DNG Converter. I convert CR2's to DNG in Lightroom 2 when importing photos from memory card.

            In Lightroom (2.4) preferences there's an option to choose:


            In that pull-down menu there's several options:



            I'd understand if there was versions 1.3 and 1.2 to choose, but not. So you say that, if I convert to 5.4 (in that previous pull-down menu) the dng-file created will be compatible to Photoshop CS3?


            Maybe I need to test this...




            If I convert CR2 to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter, it'll say "compatible with Camera Raw 5.4 and later". Still it seems that my Photoshop CS3 will open DNG-file, even if there's only Camera Raw 4.6 installed/supported.

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              Panoholic Level 2

              1. I am not using LR, but I think LR uses almost the same DNG converter code with a different UI.


              2. The options 1.1 and 1.3 appear under "custom".


              3. Again: the 500D DNG does not have any DNG version dependency above 1.1. No matter, which version you select, you get the same result, and that will be accepted by ACR of your Photoshop.