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    open pdf documents - sporadic error




      I'm having a prob with downloading pdf files.


      The files are delivered by MS IIS 6.0 webserver and they are gettable by a static link within

      a html document. The files are created with a special tool (iffect) running on an ibm machine

      (i5). Files created with other tools do not cause the problem.


      The Adobe Reader Version is 7.0.


      Sometimes it will need several trials (clicks on the hyperlink) until the file is transferred correctly.

      The error message is different (problem wirh xref entry, error while building a semaphore etc.).

      Acrobat reader is always opening, but it will only show an error message and a blank document.


      Trying 3 to 7 times the file suddenly opened correctly.


      The error occurs using firefox or ie (regardless using activex plugin or opening a new application window).


      It will not happen if the readers "fast web-view" configuration is disabled. The files are < 1 Mbyte and I've

      checked that they are not corrupt (with acrobat preflight). The only difference I've found between those

      documents and others, is that they seem to be "encrypted" but they do not have a password protection.


      I've made a filechek and got the following information:


      - the document do not have tags, the reading direction is probably faulty

      - there is no language specified


      What could be wrong with those files?