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    Problems with preview working on Screen captures




      i try to work with Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.0 on my Screen captures. My problem is, that the preview don't works good. Often i see two mouse cursors, because  when the cursor moves, it is still in the old position too. Or i see no cursor when it moves fast, or single frames are skipped and i can't see every click.


      I first thought this is because of compression of the preview. So i setted in the Sequence settings under "Video Preview" Codec to Uncompressed. But nothing changed. Then i tried to deactivate "Overlapping Frames" in the cut window. But nothing changed. Then i played around with the settings of the sequence. I tried to use exactly same resolution and frame rate like the original video - nothing changed.


      The original video is ok. When i look in a player like VLC on it, all looks like it should.


      The original video is a export avi from camtasia the used codec is the TSCC codec which has a lossless compression.


      Perhaps someone can give me some tips? Because this way Premiere Pro is useless to work on screen captures, because i must see exactly every movement of the cursor. I can't believe, that this is not possible.