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    Another copying error

    ghotarama Level 1

      I'd like to copy a static image from one open FLA file to another. However, when I attempt to paste it into my file, I get a message saying:


      "One or more library items already exist in the document." (Of course they do, I've been doing a lot of work on this.) Then it makes me choose between whether to replace existing items or not.


      If I choose not to replace the items, it pastes a completely different image into the document that I stopped working on almost at the start of the project.

      If I choose to replace the items, it pastes my image where I want it, but also replaces a completely different image back at the beginning of the project (and not the same one as in the previous sentence). As far as I can tell, there's no logic to this.


      I've tried converting the image to a graphic, movieclip, whatever. Yet it always gives me this error message no matter what I do.


      How can I fix this and simply copy my image into my project?