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    Newbie question about importing aaf from Sony Vegas


      Just got Premiere Pro CS4 the other day, so I need some fundamental help about importing aaf.


      I have worked in Sony Vegas for years, but may switch to PPro because of the integration with Encore.


      I have exported a project from Vegas to an aaf file for importing into PPro, but I am completely baffled about how to do this.


      If I create a project in PPro and then try to import the Vegas generated aaf using File | Import ..., it doesn't work. First of all, files with an aaf extension are not recognized in the import dialog. If I choose "All file types" and the aaf file shows up and I select it, PPro tells me that the import failed because the file type is not recognized.


      Am I missing something very basic that enables you to import an aaf file into a PPro project? The online help for PPro doesn't tell me anything.


      A brief tutorial would be greatly appreciated.