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    Fireworks CS4 bloated.....


      As an old time user of Fireworks, I was initially pleased when my employer purchased the CS4 version. However after using it I have found it slow, bloated and less useful than the old version I used to work with. I now actively try and avoid using it! Am I alone with this feeling or are there others that have a similar impression that Adobe have ruined what was essentially an excellent product.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Bloated - compared to which version.


          Where lies the bloat? Have a comparative example(s)?



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            markyheaduk Level 1

            I was referring to an older version under what was then known as Macromedia. Version 3 I think it was then. For most of the basic tasks I need to do it reaches the finishe line while CS is still reaching the first hurdle, and I'm not running a slow or old PC either.


            I guess CS4 like windows Vista promises much but delivers.......

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              I don't think thats bloat - it's evolution.



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                I am in total agreement with you.  Recently purchased a new computer and Adobe suite upgrade.  Running CS4 on a Vista 64 bit system and Fireworks opens painfully slow and saves files even slower.  Any insight into this?

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                  A. Wayne Webb Level 1

                  Across the range of programs in CS4 they have all become more bloated and even less intuitive than their predecessors.  Lightroom 2 can be termed as the most notorius of them all.  What takes a mere ten minutes or so in Bridge takes over an hour in Lightroom.  Compare the same document created in InDesign CS2 to one created in InDesign CS4.


                  The usurping of the program title bar and the color spectrum across the suite is by the slimmest of standards horrid to the eye.  I much prefer to allow my operating system to set the colors of the program as I dictate.  I believe that is why we set our operating system colors to our own preferences, not those that Adobe restricts us to.  But then that will give Adobe the right to state that their next version will be better.  Now available, you can in CS5 chose the colors of your menu bar and the like!


                  And please allow me to use my Photoshop to Image Ready workflow.  The web generated graphics are considerably smaller in size.  The quality of the layer adjustments, the choices therein as well as the ability to use my own self-generated patterns is a long, lost benefit of Image Ready and Photoshop.  Using my own patterns was a large selling point of the workflow using Image Ready.


                  What ever happened to the feature in GoLive where at a glance you could examine a generated site and it would tell you which files, and that means every file!, were used in the site.  There is nothing like this in Dreamweaver!!!  I could keep my site neat and tidy using GoLive.  The same definitively does not occur in Dreamweaver.  I checked a site created in Dreamweaver by creating the site in GoLive from the same directories.  It showed me each and every file that was used for the online files.  I was able to delete some thirty files.  And I did not need those damed "_notes" directories.  Dreamweaver just loves clogging your online web space with their house-keeping files.  GoLive kept all this sort of file in different directories that did not get put online.


                  But then of course none of the magazines stress the bad points of the new, improved Adobe software.  They, the publishers, would lose the advertising revenue and their reason for existence—touting the latest, greatest piece of horse manure!!!  The better Adobe touts the new, imroved software the more they become redundant.  And the worse the software becomes in the process.


                  Wayne Webb

                  Photoshop user since Ver. 2.5

                  PageMaker when it was Aldus (though I do enjoy InDesign CS2) who still does not trust InDesign CS4.