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    Embedded font errors after migrating pdfs to new web server


      Hi All,


      After hundreds of working pdfs were moved to new web server, they produce variations of the "cannot extract the embedded font" (name of font) "some characters may not display or print correctly" error. The first page loads perfectly and the rest never load. All these files open fine when I open local copies in Reader (9.1.3) and Professional (7.1.0).They also open fine when moved to another server. When I delete copies on the server and re-upload using the working copies, the errors persist. Doesn't make sense. I also occasionally get the error "there were problems reading this document (14)".


      I was told by the IT department that a possible cause was that the new server environment used fonts installed on the server rather than the local machine to display pdfs.  This doesn't make sense to me.  I've researched these errors and haven't found anything applicable or that has worked. Any suggestions? Has anyone else expeienced this?


      The server is IIS and is running ASP.net. The IT dudes are saying they need to install all the refferenced fonts on the web server but due to the expense of this, they can't.This will nessecitate a really bizzarre and Rube Goldbergesque workaround (that I'm not even going to try to explain here) that I'd really like to avoid.  Any suggestions? Are there any Acrobat settings that need to be twekaed?