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    WebHelp stripping out <form> action

    TechWriterHeather Level 1

      I have a form in my documentation where users may fill out questions, click a "Submit" button, and it is emailed to me. I remember testing this a few years ago and it worked great. Recently, someone contacted us to say he never heard back from his form. I then tested it, and it never was emailed to me. When I checked the HTML code, it's being stripped for some reason. I'm on the HTML tab, I type in the <form action="mailto..." > data. Then I click to the designer tab. When I click back to the HTML tab, it's gone! No sign of what I JUST typed! Here's the "naked" code:


      <robohelp><div align=left></robohelp>


      Where you see the <form>, I had just typed in the actual action part. It just disappears though. Further, the bottom part of the code, where the closing </form> tag is, that </form> disappears as well. I type it in, click off the tab, and get this:


      <p><input type=submit name=submit value="Send to Us"><input type=reset name=reset value="Start Over"></p>


      No </form> tag. Gone. I haven't even clicked Save or ANYTHING at this point. Any ideas why Robohelp would be stripping code like this? Much appreciated.