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    choice of response animations

    webacity Level 1
      I noticed that with question slides it has little animations i.e. if you make multiple selections, a spinning asterisk appears. Is it possible to select you own animation? Also, I find that the spinning asterisk also appears when click on the response popups i.e. popups for correct, incorrect etc. In fact they appear wherever you click. Is it possible to restrict where they appear?
      Finally, the question page (when used in conjunction with graded page) has one feature where flashing green ticks symbols indicate which are the actual correct selections to the user.
      In my example I have a pie chart, with varying sized slices. I found that these green tick symbols vary in size to the size of the hotspot i.e. if you have a small pie slice, like in my case, you will get a small green tick symbols. Now I have a mixture of different sized tick symbols. Also possible to have a standard size tick symbol. Also, to change the symbol, as I don't like green:)
      Finally, and I think this was answered before (i.e. not possible) is it absolutely not possible to have an irregularly shaped hotspot? This would be particularly using for my pie diagram question, where user has to select correct pie slice