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    Exporting Flash to image


      Im looking for the best way to export an image from flash for print.  I will be needing to print anywhere from about 12 inches long all the way up to as much as 6 ft long.  Ive tried export> image options but the quality is severely compromised.




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          __antonio__ Level 3

          Flash isn't really made for print. So, getting artwork from an fla to a print program (Illustrator or Photoshop or InDesign, for example) will prove to be difficult, especially at the size you would like to print it at.

          With that said, it is still possible to get - some - stuff out of Flash for print quality.

          Is what you are trying to export Vector or Bitmap?

          If it is vector, does it have a lot of gradients or alphas?

          If it is Bitmap, you are probably better off going back to the original file that created the bitmap, if possible.

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            meiera10 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  The whole image is vector format.  It will include a fair amount of gradients within the image.  Im guessing that using illustrator would have been a better idea in the beginning.  Im just not as familiar with the program.  I have tried exporting to an illustrator file from flash but there are color changes and all my layers are lost.  What do you suggest?

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              __antonio__ Level 3

              I haven't really found the need to export to Illustrator before. But I did run a couple tests earlier today, just nothing extensive.


              What I do know is that Flash and AI handle color space differently, thus your color changes. When you try to open an .ai file that you exported from Flash, you should get a prompt about color space. Try the different settings and see which will get you artwork closest.


              Since Flash and AI handle gradients differently, I found that AI will drop the gradients of anything from Flash and use the first most color for the object.


              I didn't even look to see if my layers were still intact, but the vectors were all grouped when I opened in AI because they were movie clips in Flash. So, if AI is flattening your image, try turning them to groups or mcs in Flash before exporting.


              This is all contingent on the fact that you may want to be able to manipulate your artwork in AI after exporting from Flash.


              You could export a png from Flash as well. Vector artwork comes out pretty nice. I suggest the following:


              1. Make sure all your artwork to export is inside of a movie clip.

              2. If you have mulitple piece of art to export, put each in their own mc and then into their own fla.

              3. put your main container mc on the main stage and highlight it.

              4. File>Export Image

              5. Select PNG

              6. When the options prompt appears, change to "Minimum Image Area" not "Stage Size", change your size and dpi - probably 300dpi. (I would use PhotoShop ot AI to figure out the physical dimensions)

              7. Save.