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    Sound problem at the beginning of clips .mts or .m2ts (avchd)


      hi how about I just buy the Adobe Production Premium suite for Mac OS X. Everything is fine except Premiere Pro CS4 when I edit in high definition (AVCHD). Mts or.m2ts to the top of each clip approximately 1 second with 10 or 15 milliseconds the sound as it skips or lags that happens at the beginning of all clips on preview and timeline, the same happens when you export the file by half cs4 encoder to convert some another format with this jump does sound at the beginning of the clip, the same goes for Adobe Soundbooth CS4. I open this same clip with VLC Version 1.0.1 Goldeneye and hear perfectly without any break or gap, playing the clips in the video camera can be heard perfectly (Sony HDR-SR12).  I did some tests with the same files in windows xp with the premiere cs4 testing and Premiere Elements 7 and has the same problem. I hope someone can help me solve this problem Thanks. my email for any help is rehinteria@hotmail.com The machine I work with has these characteristics:



        Nombre del modelo: Mac Pro

        Identificador del modelo: MacPro3,1

        Nombre del procesador: Quad-Core Intel Xeon

        Velocidad del procesador:2.8 GHz

        Número de procesadores:2

        Número total de núcleos: 8

        Caché de nivel 2 (por procesador):12 MB

        Memoria: 10 GB


      NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT:

        Modelo de chipset:NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

        Tipo: Pantalla

        Anchura de canal PCIe:x16

        VRAM (total): 512 MB


      Sonido Intel de alta definición:

        ID de audio: 12

        Dispositivos disponibles:

        Salida de línea:

        Conexión: Conector de 1/8 pulgada


        Conexión: Conector de 1/8 pulgada

        Entrada de línea:

        Conexión: Conector de 1/8 pulgada


        Conexión: Interno

        Salida S/P-DIF:

        Conexión: Óptico

        Entrada S/P-DIF:

        Conexión: Óptico