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    Low Audio after burning!

    mejanr Level 1


      My audio (narration, music and clip audio)  sound is OK on project, but too low when i burn. It is passable when I turn volume up really high on TV so hopefully it will be OK.

      I did have a few "debug event" and "error encountered" messages pop up in the last stages so something must have gone wrong, but I am just over it!!.

      After burning also, only 2/3 of the disc is used to burn a 50 minute project. Should it not be burnt to fit disc ( the fit to disc box is highlighted), but it was 16x? I am about to try slower burn to see if that makes any difference.

      Should I use DVD-R or +R and do I need a x2 disc to burn at x2? I only have 16x discs atm.




      I was just looking thru discussions and found your Audio Hardware settings as below Hunt. ( haven't worked out how to copy and paste mine fron PE7 yet!)

      But my sync refs are different.

      The Direct Sound Output Port Sync ref is YES

                     "          Input    "             "    is  NO

      Could this be the prob with my low sound after burning - it is fine in project, tho' I did have to increase all levels and I do have a slight distortion in narration - but hey I am not re-doing whole 50 min. project that is for sure!




      ASIO Settings 02.jpg

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          2/3 of a disk for a 50 minute project is about right, mejan.


          As for audio, you can't trust the audio levels you hear as you're working. You need to monitor your sound levels using the Audio Meters.


          You can open your Audio Meters under the Window drop-down or you can use the Audio Mixer, launched from the button on the timeline. Your audio should peak at just over zero, with occasional leaps into the yellow and virtually none in the red.

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            mejanr Level 1

            Thanks for that Steve - I think I have it just about right, tho' my narration audio seem to be stuck at "0" in audio mixer and even if I change level as it is playing, it stays the same volume??

            Also what is the continuous bezier for when I right click on keyframes? Hunt mentioned it before but I do not understand its function.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Rather than using the Audio Mixer to raise your volume level, go to the audio track for your narration on your timeline and manually raise the yellow levels line by dragging it up. If the Audio Mixer has added a lot of keyframes to this track, you may need to manually remove them.


              Bezier means two different things, depending on whether you're talking about spatial or temporal interpolation of the keyframe. But, basically, it's a way of taking a straight line and making it into a curved line.


              So many of the questions you ask are answered in my books, mejan. Have you considered ordering a copy?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Here is an example of the same Keyframes (Audio Volume) with both the Linear and the Bezier Curves. Notice how the Linear are straight lines from/to each Keyframe, while the Bezier are curves with control "Handles." The Ease Out/Ease In are very similar to this also.




                Good luck,



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