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    Full Version of Premiere Acting as Trial??


      A while back I downloaded and installed the Premiere Pro CS4 trial from Adobe.com to test it out and compare it to other software. It's been on my PC ever since. Now, I uninstalled the trial last night using Add/Remove Programs (which then went to the Adobe uninstaller) and installed the full version of Premiere that I had purchased. However, when I open the full version I am never prompted to enter a serial and when it opens it's acting as a trial version.


      I am installing it straight from the disc. My thought is that somewhere in my registry or other files the "trial serial" is existing and making my full version think it's a trial? I have no idea.


      I've done a manual search of my C:\ drive and deleted EVERY file with 'premiere' in its name. No dice. Again, it's the FULL version of Premiere Pro CS4 and the error I'm having is after I'd uninstalled the CS4 trial.