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    Proceed with caution....?!!

    Kurt_777 Level 1

      Just playing around with PE7 today, and I have about 3 minutes of dv footage in place. Around ten short clips which I'm using just to familarise myself with PE. I was perusing the various movie themes and menus, just checking each one out, when I suddenly get the message "Premiere is running very low on system memory. Please save your work and proceed with caution."


      If this is par for the course, I dread to think what might happen if I actually had a substantial project in progress! But this can't be right. I have 4G RAM and 800G hard drive. Windows XP with SP3.


      Is there maybe some adjustment you make to Windows virtual memory settings, like I had to do with my old Photoshop app?


      This can't be right. Something odd going on.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you seeing red lines above your video clips on your timeline?


          If so, what type of camcorder did you get your video from and how did you get it into your computer?


          There are optimization tweaks listed in the FAQs to the right of this forum, depending on which operating system you're using.


          Finally, is that 800 gig drive your C drive? If it is a second or external drive, make sure it is formatted NTFS rather than FAT32. FAT32 drives have a file size limit that is too small for video editing.

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            Kurt_777 Level 1

            No red lines, Steve. The camera is a Canon MVX40i, and I uploaded the video via firewire.


            The 800G is my internal C drive.


            I did a search on this topic before I posted, but I didn't find any really satisfactory solution. I'll try again.


            I hope it's not something that's generic to PE. On my lil' old eMac, with its prehistoric specifications, I could upload at least an hour of video and then add multiple effects, transitions, music and what have you, before I would get an 'out of memory' message. And even then, that would be solved by simply saving and exiting, and starting again.  


            I can't imagine that I wouldn't be able to do at least as much on my new Great Big Computer, and Premiere.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You certainly should be able to. I can do it with a fraction of your power.


              There must be something going on that's not easily diagnosed over the internet.

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                Kurt_777 Level 1

                That's discouraging, Steve. If you don't know, then I'm **** outta luck!! 


                I'll just have to plod along and see what I can do, I guess.


                Thanks anyway.





                EDIT: I noted in the side issues that somebody else had the same problem while playing around with the extra menus. That's the same situation I had. I'm wondering if the extra content really has to be installed in the same path as PE, or can it be stored elswhere on the drive and thus maybe not foul up PE?

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Well, if you want to take the time to trouble-shoot it, I'm glad to work with you.


                  But you've got to tell me if anything is out of the ordinary with your set-up. (If your clips are showing on the timeline without red lines above them, there probably isn't.)


                  What about your computer? Do you have any obtrusive programs like Norton 360 installed? Do you regularly clear your temp files, dump your stored pages in your web browsers, clear off your spyware and check for spyware?


                  I've a whole regimen I do regularly.



                  Have you turned off Indexing and other obtrusive and unnecessary background resources in XP? Right-click on your Task Bar and open your Task Manager and watch  your memory, processor usage and paging. Any indications of issues there?


                  And, finally, have you considered if the problem is unique to this project? Is this project longer than 15 minutes? Have you tried opening a brand new project and just loading the timeline with a half an hour or an hour of video, just to see if you see the same bugginess?

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                    Kurt_777 Level 1

                    I've only had the computer for a week, Steve, and for the most part only switched it on to install programs and fiddle about with PE a bit.


                    I did install Norton because it came with another program but since that computer isn't connected to the Net, I haven't activated it and probably won't. I have an active up-to-date Norton on this computer here, so if I ever get images or sounds or whatever off the Net, I'll scan them here before putting them into the other computer.   


                    I'll go and do all those checks and balances that you mentioned, plus your regime, and see what happens.


                    Thanks a lot, Steve.



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                      If it helps in any way.... I have a quad core, 4Gb ram, vista 32 system and I just completed a 7 minute AVCHD video and stills project.

                      Everytime I was working on a title I had this message. I would have to work on the title for a short while then close premiere 7 down to stop it crashing.

                      It was only with editing titles that this happened which leads me to believe there is some sort of bug.

                      Hope this might help narrow your investigation down.


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                        Kurt_777 Level 1

                        So, it seems there might be a bug that hasn't been addressed yet. That's disappointing.


                        Thanks, John. At least I know now it's not just a fault in my computer. Bit of a nuisance having to repeatedly exit then open again.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          This ARTICLE might be of use to you. Most computers ship with tons of "bloatware" and most of it loads at boot, sapping useful resources.


                          Good luck,



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                            Kurt_777 Level 1

                            Thanks, Hunt. I've read that and downloaded the little software utes. Good stuff.




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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I wish you luck. Unfortunately, as I attempted to point out, some of those "clues" can be rather obscure and obtuse. Every now and then, one will hit the "mother lode," and will find exactly what has caused the problem. I wish it could always be so, and always be concrete. Often, one will find that it's a driver. It would be great if the messages would only tell you WHICH driver! One can dream...


                              Let us know what you discover. Remember that it will be like a Sherlock Holmes novel with little tid-bits scattered all about. It's the connecting of those "dots" that will often yield a fix.



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                                I have had the same error message on a relatively new (purchased end of april) quad core dell system with 6 gb of ram with a very high end graphics card (the card itself has 1024mgb of ram for what that is worth and for whatever that means) on a vista 64 bit machine.  I thought maybe it was due to the fact that my clips come in as mp4s as I saw some talk in this forum about that file type causing issues in premiere elements, but I see that the original poster had this issue with clips brought through firewire and those of usually avi files??


                                I would find it helpful if those of you experienceing this problem could post what file type your video clips come in as.



                                Cynthia Merzer

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  The majority of the problems, hangs, errors, etc. are caused by situations in this order:


                                  1.) System

                                  2.) Project

                                  3.) Assets


                                  Each can have a major affect on the performance that one experiences.


                                  I would urge you to start a new post, and in it, list the full specs. of your system, your Project and your Assets. That will keep down any confusion with regards to Kurt's exact situation. There might well be some similarities, but it will be easier for others to follow with your particular set of circumstances. Then, other users can address your situation, and likely give you some good suggestions to help things out.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    Kurt_777 Level 1

                                    Yes, I'm finding that out pretty quickly, Hunt.


                                    But, it's all good. Keeps the gray matter working.