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    Frameset? 3 panes...toc content and banner...now no banner

    yenelli Level 1

      I'm really confused. I've imported numerous RH5 projects into RH8, and another one that was the published help topics that were created in RH7.

      These projects have a 3-pane view that I've taken for granted:


      Toolbar (the one that spans the width of a page) typically has the product logo built in, with 3 or 4 nav buttons on the left and the Info button on the far right The info button opens a dialog box I use to identify company info)


      T O O L B A R    B A N N E R


      TOC1           Topic Title


      TOC3     Narrative text and pictures

      TOC4     about the topic



      My latest import, though, has only 2 panes....the TOC pane and the toolbar buttons are stuffed into a grey area at the top.


      How do I change this behavior?  I'm looking at the WebHelp Skin Editor. I imported the skins from 2 of the previous projects, but none of my antics seem to get the top frame to appear. I don't see any "framesets" to import from the other projects. Why am I unable to get the 3 frame-frameset into this project?


      I even created a brand new project using the RH HTML (webhelp) wizard and, unfortunately, it also has only the 2 frames. The "top frame" in the WebHelp Skin Editor view somehow gets stuffed into the little nav area at the top of the TOC frame.


      here's the problem (created in RH8) http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/XDA/1_0_1/default.htm

      here's the old one (created in RH7...or possibly RH5) http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/XDA/1_0/Default.htm