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    Captivate Crashes after Screens are Recorded

      I have downloaded the trial version of Captivate 3. It appears to run fine on my Vista Home Premium PC until I have finished a screen recording and it then attempts to load the editor. The program then crashes with no warnings or error messages. I notice there is a Windows security shield icon overlaid on the Captivate icon in the program launch panel (the one that pops-up from the Windoes button in the bottom left of the screen.

      I have given Captivate full access across the firewall.

      I also notice that my trial period of 30 days never gets any shorter - possibly a corrupt install?

      Any clues to what is happening or shold I buy Camtasia instead!?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi John,
          I wouldn't give up on Captivate just yet unless it just doesn't meet your needs. CP3 should work with Vista (don't get me started on what won't work with Vista ...), but it seems I read something about trail software downloaded during July that wouldn't work properly. I'm fishing in my memory here, but am pretty sure the problem was all product trail downloads, not just Captivate. If anyone knows for sure, please chime right in here ...

          In the absence of other information, John, I would wait a few days until August 1 and try again, preferably with a fresh download and a re-install (if you can do that, now that you already have one trail downloaded). Let us know...
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi John

            What fellow Adobe Community Expert Larry is remembering is that Adobe had issues during the month of June or July where the products expired after using them a single day. This is outlined in the link below:

            Click here for the link

            Kevin Siegel blogged about it at the link below:

            Click here to read

            I'm a bit on the doubtful side that a fresh download will even allow itself to be run. Normally software flags itself as having already been installed and refuses to install and run in trial mode again. Because if it didn't, there would be nothing to prevent the user from continually reinstalling a trial over and over and never having to actually purchase the software.

            Cheers... Rick