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    Problem encoding video project

    pptdgc Level 1

      I am trying to export a project that I have created but keep having problems encoding it. I can start the queue fine but it keeps failing with the following warning:


      - Source File: D:\DOCUME~1\PR\LOCALS~1\Temp\Exit Festival 2009_2.prproj
      - Output File: D:\Documents and Settings\pptdgc\Desktop\Sequence 01_2.avi
      - Preset Used: Custom
      - Video: 720x576, 25 [fps], Lower, Quality 100
      - Audio: 48000 Hz, Stereo, 16 bit
      - Bitrate:
      - Encoding Time: 00:07:56
      28/08/2009 21:45:56 : Encoding Failed
      Error compiling movie.

      Unknown error.


      I'm not sure how to go about finding what the problem is?