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    Smart Collection showing incorrect contents




      Another oddity with custom metadata


      I have several Smart Collections set up, filtering on custom metadata. I'm having a problem with one in particular which, after updating an unrelated field, shows the wrong contents.


      It filters on two string fields and an enumerated field:

      - string Reference contains "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..."

      - string Status doesn't contain "Copy"

      - enum Licence is "Unset", where "Unset" is defined as "nil".


      On loading Lightroom, this shows what it should. However, I also have a function called from a menu which updates a *different* enumerated field, setting it's value to one of nil, '0' or '1'. After running this function, this smart collection shows the same contents as another Smart Collection - coincidentally the next one in the list. The second filter is:


      - enum Sync is "Yes"

      - enum Sync is not "Unknown"

      - string Status doesn't contain "Copy".


      The additional "is not unknown" is needed because the first line returns images for both "Yes" and "Unknown" - data values "1" and nil respectively.


      Looks to me as though there's a problem with smart filters and enumerated fields with nil values. Restarting Lightroom restores the contents of the first collection to what they should be.