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    Installing on STi709 Single Chip STB (STLinux)



      I'd want to know if is possible to install Adobe AIR on a ST Micro STi7109 Single-Chip STB IC. It is support Linux, Windows CE and OS21 operating system. In particular ST Micro provides STLinux distribution for boards based on STi7109 & Co (www.stlinux.com).

      The CPU is ST40 32-bit superscaler RISC CPU 266 MHZ. You can see more features about this chipset here: http://www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/bd/11660.pdf . I saw that the system requirements for Adobe AIR for LINUX is 1Ghz and 2Ghz are raccomended...

      Could someone help me? I don't have this chip for trying it.