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    Loupe in Bridge doesn't display DNG images created using DNG Converter correctly. Why?


      I have noticed recently an anomaly in Bridge when viewing DNG files that are created by converting my Nikon NEF files to DNG using the DNG converter. Specifically, when clicking on the preview image of a DNG file, in order to open the loupe, the 100% image seen in the loupe remain fuzzy, whereas when clicking on a preview of the original NEF file the 100% view in the loupe is sharp and clear.


      I am using DNG Converter version, and it also occurs when using version 4.4.1. I am using Bridge version


      I have no reason to believe that Bridge is at fault, since the loupe function does work properly when viewing the NEF file. It would seem that there's a problem in the DNG conversion.


      However, despite this anomaly seen in Bridge, when I open the DNG file in Camera Raw, it is perfectly normal at 100% or any magnification.


      I have tried re-setting the JPEG review size in the DNG converter, but that makes no difference.


      What's going on here? I don't want to keep both the NEF and DNG versions, for reasons of space, but I'd like the loupe to work correctly. Help, please?