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    Error importing sounds




      I just got Adobe Flash CS4 a few days ago and I am having a blast learning all about it. I have been following the Total Training tutorials and today I got to the chapter about adding sounds and videos. When I tried to add a music file (.wma, 128kbps bitrate) I get an error saying "One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them". It does not specify anything about the error/problem.


      Possible Solution:


      After searching all over these forums and doing searches on Google, I learned that the issue comes up when the bit rate of the file is too large. I also read that Adobe Flash CS4 depends on Apple Quicktime when importing files with large bitrates. I followed some of the tips I found on the web (reinstall the latest verions of Quicktime) and I even reinstalled Adobe Flash CS4. But I still get the problem.


      Can anybody help me? Should I try to contact Adobe for help?


      Thanks in advance.

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          __antonio__ Level 3

          convert that wma to something else, (mp3, aiff, or wav)

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            Rothrock Level 5

            Yeah, I mean what in the world is a wma?


            The other important thing to keep in mind is that Flash likes sample rates that are multiples of 11,025 Hz -- 11,025 or 22,050 or 44,100. The latter is what CDs are sampled at.


            Then for bit rate you generally don't need something that high, unless you are certain that you have a real audiophile audience with great speakers and all. If most of your people are just going to be listening through regular computer speakers or even regular headphones then something lower will suffice and save a lot of loading time.


            I've had great luck with 22,050 at 64 kbps. And the things I've done didn't require stereo. Remember that stereo basically doubles the amount of data. So if you don't need it, don't use it.


            Also don't forget to go into your publish settings and adjust the output rates for the published swf. Or alternately go into your sound file in the library and set it to be an exception to the publish settings. Otherwise it won't matter!

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              Parakarry Level 1

              Thank you for the response. It cleared up a lot of things and with the new info you gave me I was able to resolve the issue. Thanks a million.