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    Workflow question - many video clips, want to name and organize




      I am beginning a project that will require me to comb through many hours of video stored on miniDV, but am having trouble with a manageable workflow using PRE 7.  Perhaps I need a combination of tools.


      First, I would like to run a bunch of captures, automatically splitting the scenes based on the timecodes.

      Next, I would like to preview the scenes and look for snipits of footage that I may use in my video.  For any of these snipets, I would want to separate them, give them an appropriate name, and organize them into a hierarchy of folders.

      When through with capturing and previewing, I could use the  folders and named snippets to begin assembling my video.


      So far, I have been able to get a few tapes captured into scenes.  But trying to preview and edit into snippets is proving difficult.  It seems I have to put them onto the timeline to trim them.  So do I keep adding scene after scene to the timeline creating a "movie" of random clips?  Do I need to save that moveie to keep the edited clips?  If I remove an edited clip from the timeline, is the triming and naming lost?  Very confusing.


      Perhaps I can use a different tool for capture and previewing, and create a hierachy of folders and DVI files on the hard drive that I later reference in PRE7 when I am ready to assemble the video.   So far I haven't found the right tool, and worry about annoying incompatibilities between another tool and PRE.


      Seems like a logical workflow, but maybe I'm missing something.  Any suggestions??


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This would certainly be more easily done in a professional editor, like Premiere Pro or Final Cut. But I gather you don' t have an extra thousand dollars to spend on your editing program.


          You can try using a more full-featured capture program, like Scenalyzer. I can't guarantee it will do everything you want. You are asking an awful lot at the consumer level, after all. But, as a dedicated capture program, it's got a lot more capture options.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree that SceneAlyzer Live is a great tool to use for advanced Scene Detection. Even users of PrPro love it and use it instead of the built-in Capture utility in PrPro. [HSVSplit is the freeware HD equivilent.]


            I'm embarking on a similar Project with many hours of miniDV tape and thousands of stills. I will be using SceneAlyzer Live, though I have PrPro.


            In my case, I will be placing all Captured footage into a "Capture" folder. The still Assets will all be copies of the original images, and will be in a "Stills" folder structure, with sub-folders for the various subjects. All music will be in a "Music" folder, as will all SFX files. All of this will be below my Project folder.


            Good luck,